How to Boost Up Speed of The Synology RT2600AC Wireless Router?

 The Synology RT2600AC Wireless Router has a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor for enabling high speed. It can easily cover 2500 square feet of area. It has four strong and powerful high-range antennas with MU-MIMO and beamforming technology. The Synology router can easily enhance the wifi performance that can provide you with a great networking experience with your whole family. Also, the router can be set up conveniently that hardly takes five minutes for proper configuration. You can also monitor the traffic tools to get shapes into your data network.

The Synology RT2600AC wifi router provides you a complete VPN server that offers an easy and simple setup of the router. It is ideal for the virtual office that can easily adapt itself to that environment and helps to create a flexible schedule and smooth work style. With the help of advanced file management, you can share large files with anyone effortlessly.

Set-Up of the Synology RT2600AC Wireless Router

The Synology RT2600AC Wireless Router is a dual-band router that enables 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz of frequency bands. That can also help to boost up the speed of the device. In 2.4 GHz, it provides broader wifi coverage than the 5 GHz wireless network. But the 5 GHz network, enables a fast and stable wifi network connection that can also reduce the interference of buffering and blind spots in the network connection.

For the setup of the router, you can turn on the smart wifi connection into the wifi settings and enable both the WiFi connection. First of all, go to the network center of the router and go to the wireless section and turn on the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz or auto selection mode in which it can change the network connection as per the environment demands.

While Setting up the Synology WiFi router

You can use your computer or laptop for the setup of the router and connect to the Synology router network connection. After that scan the device and join the network. When you are logged in to the page for the first time then your SSID name is Synology router and the password is Synology. After that launch a web browser and type in the address bar. Instead of using the web address, you can also use the IP address of the Synology router. Now click on the start option for the quick Synology router setup. Now fill in your credential details like username and password and press the continue button.

Choose the connection type

After the successful login into the Synology web page, now you have to choose the appropriate connection type of the router. You can select PPPoE, manual IP, or auto IP for the router. This will start to establish the network connection of the router. The process will take five minutes to set up properly. Once the setup is complete, now click on the Synology router option to get through various features of the router.

Ideas that will improve the speed of the Synology RT2600AC Wireless Router

To improve the speed of the Synology Wireless Router, ensure that the device should not be banned under traffic control. Also, ensure that it is not scheduled under parental control. To check the network status of the router visit the settings of the router into the network center and click on the status option and tap on the internet connection. From that, you can check the network connection of the router.

If you have enabled the firewall into your device then disable it instantly, it affects the speed of the router and creates a disturbance in the connection of the router. In case it still provides a slow and poor wifi connection then contact your ISP maybe the service port of the Synology router is blocked.

Final Words

The Synology RT2600AC Wireless Router provides consistency in the wifi connection. It was very easy to configure and manage. You can enable parental control of your child if they are wasting too much time on the internet. There are so many options that can speed up the router like you can add a whole-home wifi mesh system that can cover the entire house with the press of one button. It provides better and faster performance when it is connected to the VPN server. You will also get amazed by its high-tech features and wifi performance.




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